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PAS-100 is a open system composed of management level, operation level, control level and distributed I/O level, with perfect extensibility. The general system structure is followed:

System Feature

The core controller of PAS-100 is manufactured by internationally known company with ODM mode.

The compact and renovated system structure design of PAS-100 makes the installation more convenient, and the system scale can be tailored flexibly just according to the actual requirement.

Compared with FCS-2000, PAS-100 is featured with obviously promoted communication efficiency between controller and I/O module, more and more matured circuit design of I/O module, consummate system structure. Furthermore, with better signal screen and earthing design, the reliability and avoidance of disturbance of PAS-100 is improved visibly.

Because of the adopting of intelligent communication module between controller and I/O module, which can communicate with a group I/O module, the information exchange speed is improved consumedly.

The redundant switchover logic is a built-in function of controller, and no additional configuration is required, so that bumpless redundant switchover between active and passive controller can be realized rapidly.

With powerful development software package TRACEMODE5.0, a complicated control system of any scale can be customized. DBG vector graphic technology is adopted in TRACEMODE5.0, this make it possible to configure 3D process graphics very easily. Additionally, TRACEMODE5.0 is provided with abundant dynamic object toolkit, and the friendly man-machine interface makes it very convenient to customize all necessary graphic elements and operations.

TRACEMODE5.0 is an open platform, which supports various interconnections with the third party system, such as OPC, ODBC, DDE, NETDDE and GSM, etc., and communication with numerous PLC is possible. TRACEMODE5.0 also supports WEB browser, and a remote access to the system can be implemented.

PAS-100 supports OLE/Active X, any Active X macro programmed with language such as VB or VC++ can be applied in the system. PAS-100 has a uniform development tool, which provides developing environment for all controller and operator station functions. All configurations can be done in uniform graphic editor which adopts the standard IEC61131-3, this feature makes it possible to integrate the function of operator station and engineer station into one computer, and provides possibility to complete all the configuration work just in one machine.

System Interconnection

PAS-100 mainly consists of operator station, controller, and I/O module via the network, the basic system network is as followed:


128 nodes can be connected on the Ethernet of PAS-10 (including operator station and engineer station) at most.

At most, 8 intelligent communication modules can be connected to each controller, and 8 I/O modules can be connected to each intelligent communication module. Therefore, 64 I/O modules can be connected to each controller in all.

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