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Precision alloy
Precision alloy

Process of precision alloy wire:
material preparation → melting → re-melting →forging → hot rolling → heat treatment → surface treatment → drawing(rolling→ final heat treatment → inspection → package → warehouse
      Process of precision alloy ribbon:
Melting(vacuum, induction) → electroslag →lathe→ forging → planing → hot rolling → annealing → polish by high pressure water → rolling → degrease → annealing →welding → rolling →edge trimming → annealing →slitting → inspection → package

Bright and white wire     Φ 0.04~ Φ3.2

Pickling wire     Φ 1.8~ Φ8

Oxidized wire     Φ 0.6~Φ8

Ribbon      0.05~2.0×5~100

Heating material

    This company produces two kinds of thermo-electric alloys:

the nickel- based alloy and the platinum-based alloy, of which

the nickel-based thermo-electric alloys are used to production

of heat-generation components in such industries as industrial

electric furnace, laboratory electric stove and household appliances.

Resistance material

    Resistance alloy materials, the surface of which can be coated with all kinds

of insulating materials, are mainly used to the production of the resistance

components in forms of wire,sheet,strip and rod, which are used in the instruments

and meters, electronics and industrial equipments; the heat resistance alloys are

mainly used in the thermo-elements of the low-temperature electric appliances.

Electronic vacuum and electrode material

    The nickel-based electro-vacuum materials produced by our company enjoy such

features as good conductivity, weldability and the possibility of being electroplated,

proper coefficient of linear expansion and low containment of nonmetal contaminant,

highly volatile elements and gas; what’s more, it enjoys the characteristics of good

workability, high surface quality and excellent anti-erosion, and can be used to

production of anode, distance plate, electrode holder, heater lead in the bulb and fuse wire.

Welding material

    Our company has 40-year history of producing the welding wire materials, thus

the technology is very mature and the product quality is very excellent. We mainly

manufacture the routine nickel-based welding materials, high-temperature welding

materials and the silver brazing materials with excellent weldability, conductivity and air-tightness.

temperature test material and its elements

Soft magnetic material

Elastic material

    The deformation strengthedned copper-base elastic alloy strip possensses the

features of high conductivity,excellent erosion resistance in atmosphere, low

elastic modulus, generating big elastic deformation under low load.

Anticorrosion material

    The erosion resistant Ni-Cu alloy materials produced by this company enjoy

excellent erosion resistance in industry, atmosphere, natural water, highly pure

water, flowing seawater and strong alkali; and definite capacity of erosion resistance

in the mineral acids of non-oxidation and most of the organic acids.

The major product is the monel alloy.

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