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Precious metal composite materials
Precious metal composite materials

The precious inlay of our clad metal is compact,with tight bonding strength between precious metal and base strip.The bonding process includes several times of rolling and heat treatment,resulting in compact clad strip.

Clad metal is widely used in electronic information computer,auto,avation medical apparatus and other field,It is applied to manufacture various electronic components such as brush and commutator of micrimotor,microswitch,connector,relay etc.and to replace integrted precious metal and electroplated parts.Precious metal are effecticely saved and manufacturing cost if components could decrease.This is also beneficial for the improvements of products' performance and reliability,to get better quality of integrated machine.

Re-contained material used for commutators

Clad metal applied for electric brush

    Mainly used as brush material of all kinds of micro-motors

(such as mobilephone's).

Material used for the protector and switch

    Our switch protector clad metal has strong technical support,the precious

metal preparation and bonding process has been very mature.According to

different request for electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion

resistance, arc burning resistance, melting-weldingresistance etc and

difference electric current class requirement, we can select different base metal

to match with corresponding precious metal,to explore the environmental friendly

clad metal for protectors to satisfy various customer’s requirements.

Ceramic packaging material

    To satisfy the strict requirements of high reliability of ceramic packaging, we

explored the KV ring clad metal AgCu15/4J29.  After the tests, all of the

properties could satisfy the needs, could also meet customer’s using demands

after the trial use, now this item has replaced the imported products.

Clad metal for relay

    Our clad metal for relay is mainly used in signal relay fields, they can

be used in the condition of signal conversion such as communication,

fire prevention, instrument and apparatus, AV equipment etc. industries.

Ultra-thin precious clad metal

    Ultrathinprecious clad metal is widely used in connectors,micro-switch

junction point,electric brushes of potentiometer, base pin of diode,lead

frame of IC etc,Because of the reasonable price and good performance,

it has broad prospect in computer and auto market.

Material metal used for fuse

Precious metal shaped wire

Other clad metal

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