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PSD/APG system
PSD/APG system

PSD/APG system consists of the mechanism and electrical. Mechanism includes the doorbody structure and driving system, electrical includes control system, network system and power supply system.

Doorbody structure consists of bearing structure, Head box, ASD, FIX, EED, MSD, threshold, connector and sealing element. Driving system includes motor, reducer and transmission.

Control system consists of control equipment, such as PSC (including PEDC and interface unit), PSL, DCU, PSA, acousto-optic alarm device, local control box etc., and the interface with other systems (such as SIG, ISCS etc.).

Control system adopts fieldbus technology, according to the requirements of the development of distribution, networked, intelligent, connects DCU group with the bus as the network node, the each device, as the network node, connect to network integrated distributed control system. Fieldbus can satisfy the requirement of metro operation with the characteristics of fast  transmission and high accuracy, which has the integrated automatic functions to realize the basic control, parameter modification, alarm, display and monitor through PEDC/DCU.

Power supply consists of ATSE, battery, driving UPS, control UPS, isolation transformer and power distribution unit etc., which can provide the DPS and CPS to whole PSD/APG system.

1) PSC adopts the control system which is researched and developed by Chongqing Chuanyi, which is with the characteristics of CPU redundancy, communication redundancy, power supply redundancy and so on.
2)DCU adopts the methods of one controller one driving or one controller double driving, intelligent power device  protect the over voltage, over current and over temperature accurately and reliably; Controller power supply adopts multistage filtering technology to improve the anti-interference ability of DCU.
3)DCU adopts the advanced motor control algorithm realize the precise control and perfect safety protection in the process of operation. Motor control adopts DC inverter technology, making the motor running stable and reliable. The running speed of motor adopts infinitely adjustable-speed method which can accelerate or decelerate quickly, meeting the operation requirements.
4) Electrical locking device has the characteristics of high reliability and high stability.
5) There are safety warning signs such as in appearance designs: toughened glass are with the colored glaze alarm marking; post stainless steel is designed etching safety warning markings, the lower cover designs adornment stripes, threshold has beautiful etching design and prevent slippery convex hull; Maintenance cover adopts the circular arc form design to strengthen the aesthetic feeling; APG is developped double deck glass to monolayer glass, Head box appearance has more choices; Train approacking indicators and surface of platform have the integration design.
6)Driving  base of APG is improved from welded improvement into the structure of modular unit components, driving mechanism of PSD  has synchronous belt driving mode and lead screw drive mode; driving parts of PSD are developed from the parts assemblying into crane girder integration.
7)Bearing structure has a variety ways of chemical anchor bolt, wear rod bolts, embedded parts and so on; Bearing pedestal adopts curved structure; Post structure designs weight losing according to the load distribution.
8)The top maintenance cover adopts gas supporting structure; Releasing locking devices of EED and MSD are developped  top(bottom) rod push to horizontal pushing rod push structure; releasing handle of ASD is improved from rear to side handle.                                                                   
9)The innovation of insulation structure: the overall insulation of PSD is always a difficult problem, our company has made breakthrough progress in this field. On the one hand, we'll make the coating nano insulation treatment to base components based on the top and bottom bearing conventional insulation, on the other hand, we'll take the insulation treatment to the contactable surface contacted by the passenger, while optimize the insulation parts design so that the anti-insulation failure function could be greatly enhanced; in addition, we have conventional insulating rubber processing scheme, also have the insulation cushion new management program to platform insulation.

Main technical parameters:

1)         ASD opening time                      2.5±0.1s3.5±0.1s adjustable

2)         ASD closing time                          3.0±0.1s4.0±0.1s adjustable

3)         Each side of ASD synchronous opening and closing, opening and closing time difference  ±0.2s

4)         Time interval from PSC receiving the command to APG making action             0.3s

5)         Time interval door closed signal feed backing to PSC                            0.3s

6)         Releasing time after DCU receiving command                                              0.3s

7)         Each DCU feedback status and alarm information time                                0.5s

8)         Each ASD closing force                                                                        150N

9)         Each ASD opening and closing resistance                                                   150N

10)     ASD, EED, MSD manual releasing force                                                         67N

11)     Manual opening force after ASD,EED,MSD releasing                                133N

12)     Opening speed of ASD is 0.10~0.75m/s and closing speed is 0.10~0.55m/s, whole process is stepless and adjustable.

13)     The minimum size of obstacle detection                      5mm×40mm(thickness * height)

2   The number of obstacle detection                            1 ~ 5 times adjustable

2   APG opening size after detecting obstacle         0mm to fully open (adjustable)

2   Stop duration of re-close door after detecting obstacle 0 ~ 10s adjustable

14)     The maximum kinetic energy of each ASD closing is not more than 10J, the kinetic energy is not more than 1.0J at last 100mm travel range

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