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Human Resource Development Strategy of SIC

Human resource, the core resource for a corporation’s development,is the foundation of our corporation. The comprehensive strength of the corporation originates from its talent teams. That explains why we always attach great importance to qualified personnel. Besides, human resource development has always been a priority of the corporation’s development. To ensure the strategic position of the human resource development, we have firmly ollowed  the direction of "high-end leads, focusing on incentives, application-oriented,and people-corporation joining as one", combined with the strategy of revitalizing and strengthening by qualified personnel, and with a focus on generating “three advanced" teams. The direction and strategy is insurance for a steady and strong pool of human and intellectual support for the company’s scientific development.

As we always adhere to the ideas of high-end leads and the overall advancement of qualified personnel, we actively introduce various innovative technical personnel and experts in the key areas of entrepreneurial development. Meanwhile,we keep in mind to coordinate the development in different fields, such as management, technicians, and highly skilled employees. In order to steadily boost
our employee skills and expertise aimed at long term individual development, we also seek other opportunities like academic exchanges, and external and internal trainings.

We keep updating the mechanism and policy making for excellent personnel, and strive to create an atmosphere healthy for the cultivation, introduction, and utilization of the new personnel by sticking to the “three respect principal”—respect knowledge, respect talent, and respect innovation. We stay with the four “Three” guidelines to deal with personnel affairs. First, we take into consideration of the “three aspects” when recruiting: “learning, knowledge, and experience”. Second,
we focus on “three characters” when fostering talent teams: integrity, expertise,and capacity. Third, we consider “three powers” when utilizing the talents:ability, capacity, and potentiality. And fourth, we follow “three standards” when evaluating them: efficiency, effectiveness, and benefits. All of these
measures aim at providing a better platform for all kinds of personnel to play their roles and realize their life values.

We always try our best to perfect the mechanism for personnel’s distribution,incentives, and security. We also work on establishing and improving a system closely related to their ability and performance which can fully reflect the value of the talents and help to stimulate their incentive. We also emphasize on the perfection of payment system to motivate our employees to maximize their wisdom and enthusiasm.  

The times call for excellent personnel, who are supposed to build a new time. The company's new round of rapid development is inseparable from the support of all kinds of personnel. We will double our efforts to provide opportunities for those who boast the ambition to succeed, to provide platforms for those who are capable, and to provide positions for those who have already made achievements. We never cease our efforts to attract and keep excellent personnel by our unique emotional support, career opportunities, preferential wages and benefits, and healthy environment.
The vibrant family of SIC sincerely looks forward to your joining. Let’s work together to write more brilliant chapters in the Book of Development!





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