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Collaborative Innovation

In   order to maintain market competitive advantages and the leading position in the industry, to strengthen the core competitiveness of the company, a completely centralized and decentralized innovation organization structure was established. The structure, which includes every branch / sub company's research institutes, takes technology & development department as its core, as well as forms three systems namely product technology development subsystem, process quality guarantee system and technical management support subsystem. This structure is not only capable of tracking latest technological developmental trends, but also is capable of carrying out strategic technological research and promotes the innovation, new product trial-manufacturing, and industrialization via University-Industry cooperation. Such technology innovative organizational structure can format specialized technical team to execute development tasks in each stage with high quality, according to the disciplines, professional experience, development platform and task characteristics.

Innovation Driven Development Strategy

        To take market-oriented innovation as its basic motives and the path to grow, to conduct key generic technology research and the application technology development as its core, the company continuously enhances impetus of technology innovation.

Innovation Model

Three systems: product technology development subsystem, process quality assurance subsystem and technical management support subsystem.

Three levels:  R&D Dept. of Technical Center is responsible for the research of key generic technology; Professional Research Institute is in charge of the development of new products/ new technology and new crafts; Design Section of every Branch Company takes the responsibility of batch testing and industrialization of new products.

Three platformsIntelligent engineering and technology research center of Chongqing, Chongqing Key Lab of Industrial Automation Measurement and Control Instrument Technology, Analyzer engineering and technology research center of Chongqing.

Talent echelon: Technology leaders, Chief Engineer, Chief Expert.

Relying on Company's Technology Center, company has significantly improved the collaborative innovation mechanism, developed high-level R & D team, and has established wide range of market oriented collaborative innovation activities, which are rich in forms and contents.

On “University-Industry Cooperation”, company has studied more than a dozen of key national projects with well-known universities and research institutes, such as Peking University, Chongqing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences etc.

In order to improve market adaptability of the research results, the company focused on the collaborative innovation activities with customers which are industry benchmarking enterprises.

At the same time, the company has seized global opportunities and has kept pace, and has conducted collaborative innovation activities in advanced manufacturing technology with international counterpart, such as Honeywell, Toshiba and Yokogawa. It has accumulated lots of knowledge and experience in field bus technology, advanced manufacturing technology, testing technology and list goes on. This has significantly improved technically the starting point of  the new product, has accelerated the industrialization of research achievements, and has enhanced quality of manufacturing process control.

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