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Company Introduction

 After many years of development, Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Co., Ltd. (abbreviation as SIC ) becomes China’s number one enterprise in industrial auto-control system and device manufacture. Now we focus on the businesses of R&D, manufacturing, marketing, technical solution and service for industrial auto-control system & device and engineering integration. SIC possesses strong technical base, full range of product catalog, perfect sales service network to win us the leading position in the same domestic field of system integration and turnkey service with our advantageous technology, marketing and talents.

 The main businesses of SIC are industrial auto-control system & devices and engineering integration, including unit products, system integration and turnkey service. The single product mainly contains smart transmitter, intelligent control valve, intelligent actuator, smart flow meter, temperature instrument, control instrument, analyzer and so on.

  Since its founding, the Company has been engaged in the technical R&D of industrial auto-control system & devices and the development of relative products. For many years, SIC has been devoted to technology innovation, domestic contribution and providing automatic instrument and system solution for the key projects of different fields including national power, metallurgy, chemical industry, nuclear industry, light-industry & building material, rail transit, municipal engineering and environmental industry. SIC wins great reputation in domestic market with continuous largest economic scale in the same industry in China. It has been honored as Chinese top 100 electronic Information enterprises, Chongqing top 50 industrial enterprises, head enterprise for national information industry base and excellent organization for employee’s technical innovation in National Machinery Industry.

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